Why You Need a Security Door

16 September 2018
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There are a number of different security doors available. They can be used both residentially and commercially. There are options for security doors to be custom built. They can be attached to different openings, including fixed, hinged and sliding. They also offer additional features such as heat and UV proofing. Here are some of the situations that security doors can be useful for.


Security doors can be very effective at preventing intrusion. They are rigorously tested against safety standards and can provide protection from a variety of forms of break-ins. This includes through levers, knives and strong impacts from other tools.


Some security doors are ranked for how well they react to bushfires. They can safeguard your property from embers in the air and decrease the amount of heat that radiates the building.


Security doors can be built to cope with cyclones. They can defend your home or place of business from some of the wind and debris produced in a cyclone.  These doors are made from a thick connection of stainless steel that uses special screws to strengthen the structure and makes them tough to pierce or infiltrate.


Some security doors can be resistant from melting in a fire and can prevent the fire from spreading to other buildings. They can also reduce the intensity of heat that surrounds the building.


Security doors can provide long-lasting protection against corrosion from different environments.


Security doors can reduce the risk of falling from windows, roofs or balconies by withstanding force from the inside of the building, pushing outward, as when someone falls.

Energy efficiency

Some security doors can even be more energy-efficient than regular doors as they prevent the escape of heat or cool air from escaping or entering the building. This reduces energy costs.

Protecting outdoor environments

If you have an enclosed patio, courtyard, rooftop, pool or balcony, you may want to purchase a security screen. These act like windows surrounding the area and can safeguard from falls. Furthermore, they also provide an unencumbered view of the outside and decrease heat penetration, as well as UV rays. They are also effective against intruders forcing their way into your property.

Things to remember

Security doors should be tested against general standards for protection against the above situations. Always check which standards a security door meets before purchase. Not all security doors will meet all standards, so it is important to investigate when looking for a security door for your property.

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